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The Golden Apple Sabbat Incense Blend collection is designed to align your energies with the Wheel of the Year. These specialized blends are hand-mixed with herbs for each particular sabbat and charged during the full moon.


Ostara, also known as the Vernal Equinox, is a time to honor the balance of nature and celebrate the cycles of fertility, life, birth and rebirth. It is the first day of spring, and a time for hopefulness and reawakening. 


Our Ostara Blend mixes Mint (representing Ascension, Rebirth and Spring), Chamomile (Divine Feminine and power of the Sun), Lavender (represents the coming of Spring), Rose (Love, Luck and Fertility), and Orange (Fertility and Good Luck) to create a powerful blend for your Spring rituals!

Sabbat Incense Blends: Ostara


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