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Education & Social Events

One of our goals at Golden Apple is to help people find and expand their metaphysical talents. To that end, we have different resources for education and social events/experiences. Keep checking this page for updates to      Workshops and Events pages. At such time when we also offer an online   magickal curriculum, this page will be the starting point for those resources as well. 


Our current workshop schedule features presenter Diana Rachel, and is      hosted in conjunction with Wicked Grounds & Kinky Queer Revolution (both San Francisco based). These workshops are online events, and links will be provided for ticketing options. 


Most of the Golden Apple Social events are hosted in conjunction with the Emperor Norton Magickal Social of San Francisco.

The Emperor Norton Magickal People Social serves two purposes:

1. To give people of any magickal/occult path, light, dark, or shadow, a place  to come together and exchange ideas and swap techniques without the  implicit pressure to join a tradition that ritual represents.

2. To bring together people that honor the city spirit of San Francisco, the  legacy of Emperor Norton, Jonathan Sutro,, and the wild men and women  that made this city, along with the energetic legacy of the city itself. If we  serve anything, we serve the spirit of San Francisco.

Our main rede (guideline) is this: 

Be excellent to each other 

or at least, don't be an a**. 

While we do break off into rituals if the spirit moves us or we have something from our own traditions to share, the purpose is to come, meet, talk, and BE.

Wiccan? Pagan? Have a seat. Christian Conjure worker? You too. Santero? Voudisant? Over here. Theistic Satanist? come on over. Sorcerers, Beatniks, Hippies, Gods, Angels and Demons all have a seat at the table.

                           Just BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER.

Events with the group are regular monthly zoom meetups currently, with some additional meetups periodically. More information can be found by looking up the social on Facebook.  **NOTE: This is a private Facebook group. Admins review every application and make decisions based on questionnaire answers. **


Diana and Nikki have a twice monthly LIVE talk show called Left UnSupervised: Witches MisBehaving. Every other Wednesday you can find the duo dishing about some magickal subject. Whether it be pagan antics on the internet, the newest magickal tools in their arsenal, or even pagan dating, they always have something to say! Occasionally, they will have guests on the show for variety. Sneak a peek at past episodes on our Witchy Video Media page! 

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