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 Meet Nikki Jobin & Diana Rajchel

Golden Apple started as two separate dreams with one common goal: to create a sense of community for the magickal people of San Francisco & The Bay Area.

Diana Rajchel is the author of titles on witchcraft and connected spirituality, and she serves as a spirit worker and community builder within the magickal community of San Francisco. She co-organizes the Emperor Norton Pagan Social, a  city-spirit centered meetup welcoming magickal people of all paths, even those that might conflict with one another. 

Nikki Jobin has been a practicing Witch for over 30 years and spirit worker for the last few years. Co-organizing the Emperor Norton Pagan Social with Diana, she hopes to build a strong foundation for magickal people who do not necessarily follow a particular path or tradition.

Golden Apple was built on the foundation that people from different paths can come together and share techniques without strife. Be your path light, dark or shadow, everyone has a spot.

Wiccan? Pagan? Step right in. Christian Conjure Worker? You too. Santero? Voudisant? Over here. Theistic Satanist? Come on over. Sorcerers, Beatniks, Hippies, Gods, Angels or Demons, we all have a seat at the table. You AREN'T a practitioner? Have no idea what all this is about? There's a place for you as well......             

                                           JUST BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER.



Synty Boehm (they/them) is a spirit-taught shamanic practitioner with 20+ years experience connecting and working with animistic spirits. These spirits include the intelligences of emotions themselves. As a result of this experience, they have developed a spiritual healing technique that helps the client hear and feel the emotions so that they can move forward with a qualified mental health professional.

All clients are taught the processing method and empowered to practice on their own as they are ready.


Synty is LGBTQA, polyamory, and kink affirmed, and values body-positive affirming approaches

Message from Synty:

Rooted in Bedrock is a practice made to help people find healing and connect to various non-human persons (NHP) and or spirits. To foster a healthier and more authentic life. There are a number of ways to reach this goal. All of them take work from the individual but having a guide to help along the way is what I am here for. I have been working and communicating with various animistic spirits in my personal spiritual development. This consisted of those spirits and NHPs teaching me a great many things as I experimented along the way. The result of this is a unique approach to shamanic shadow work and spirit/NHP communication that I can guide people through with the end goal being a healthier person who is capable of doing the work on their own if they so choose. Make no mistake to live and exist as your authentic self takes time, effort, and hard work. Relationships need to be built with these spirits and NHPs. For me this is primarily with two entities. The first, Bedrock, who is the underlying force of all physical existence. I have learned a great deal from it and continue as a devotee of it. The next spirit I have learned from and worked with is Wapiti, also known as the American Elk. Other spirits include but are not limited to various nature spirits such as certain rivers, streams, mountains, animals, trees, and forests. The one that will be new to most people are the Emotion spirits. Emotion spirits are quite literally emotions. I have come to understand that emotions are animistic spirits and that they sometimes get stuck, are restrained, or refuse to leave for a variety of reasons. Emotions being stuck is creates an unhealthy situation for both the person and the emotion. The negative impact of this happening ranges and is often unique to each person experiencing it. The one thing that never seems to differ is that while the emotion is stuck it is covering a wound that refuses to heal.


Christine Rossi    HEART2HEART

I learned to listen and trust my guides and the quiet voice within.

I have always felt that there was so much more to life.  This led me to a spiritual search for answers, through personal experiences and  varied continued studies.


They have informed, inspired and created who I am today: A woman with over 25 years of working experience, towards a deeper knowledge of authentic self.  Psychic Readings, Clearings, Blessings, Aromatherapy Mists, Gemstone Jewelry, I love creating Art of any kind and blending organic essential oils .I enjoy beauty in all forms, nature inspires me.I have always enjoyed being creative, and helping others. This is my soul expression, my light in the world.

I am passionate about helping others along their Journey. “ To assist others to move forward in their life.”


Golden Apple Metaphysical




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