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Pyramids have long been viewed as a symbols of mystical and spiritual energy.

They are thought to have a powerful ability to channel or collect energy from the higher realms of the stars, planets, and the Universe, and deliver it down to earth. The bottom of the pyramid represents a solid, earthy foundation, while the top represents being able to reach into higher realms of consciousness. 

Because of its shape, the pyramid has the ability to act as a filter any energy that enters it, in order to cleanse and purify that energy. 

Our resin pyramids are created by Crimson Fairy Boutique, and designed to be a focal point for meditation, manifestation and grounding. Pair the pyramid with your favorite crystals to infuse with your intention, or to be used as an anchor point for travel to other realms. 

Resin Pyramid

  • CRIMSON FAIRY BOUTIQUE: Christine Kendall is a hereditary witch whose love of crafting and energy work inspired her to find a unique creative outlet where her two worlds could come together. 

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