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What to buy a witch for christmas

So you did the Secret Santa exchange at work, and you drew the name of the one co-worker that is openly...something magic-inclined. You don't want to get them one of those "praise the baby Jebus" cards. Not only are religious messages generally inappropriate for work (unless you work for a Christian church), it just doesn't seem like a good idea. Let's say you also want to avoid a super-involved discussion about what your witchy co-worker...does...exactly because, again, that brings religion into the workplace. If you work in the Midwest, everyone is touchy enough. Golden Apple Metaphysical is a witch of all walks kind of place. Whether the witch in your life is a demon-summoning arcanist or a Bible-loving conjurer, we have some ideas to help you out without crossing any lines or knowing something you would rather not.


Want to help shift the mood in a room right now? Change how it smells. While you can do this in a slew of ways, both good and bad, this is the holiday season, and at this point, even a little boost goes a long way for people. Incense is one way to do that - and for witches, incense adds both a mood shift and a way of sending a message to Spirit.

Golden Apple has a few incense blends to choose from, most recently Yule Incense, hand-blended by Nikki!

Bath Goodies

This year calls for self-care and a lot of it! Whether or not someone is witch-inclined, heading to the tub is one of the better ways to destress. Enhance that a little with something that pampers the skin and nourishes the soul. Soaps, salts, and herbs are all very much part of a witchy bathing practice. What do we suggest? Self-love soap, hand-poured by Diana.

Metal Kitchen tongs

One of the lesser-known tools of witchcraft: metal tongs. When you try to light charcoal incense, it's a convenient safety tool!

Intuitive Guidance

People often want a little peek at the year ahead (although after 2020, they may choose to look from behind their couch or under their bed.) You can help your witchy friends or other planning enthusiasts get that leg up by booking them a divination session.

The Spirited Witch with Diana Rajchel offers gift cards and the complete Zoom recording and chat notes after. You can buy your loved one these cards for 15, 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions.

Blank Journals and Notebooks

Art supplies come in handy in a lot of spellcasting. Notebooks to track notes, practice automatic writing, or keep as a grimoire are popular. But for the most pragmatic witch, a pack of Sharpies or a pen for writing on glass can still bring joy. Amazon, Blick, Michael's, and more all have scores of things your witch friend might use in magic.

Buy a Roku channel or Spotify subscription.

Prefer to give experiences? It is 2020, so there are a few limits there; what you can do then offers an at-home experience. Does your special person have Roku? The platform hosts a slew of channels offering subscriptions at different prices. Gaia, the Smithsonian Institute, PBS, and Great Courses online are all things that might please the discerning, wandering brain of a witchy type person. (Also, don't overlook things like A&E or SciFi Channel - gotta feed our ghost hunters!)

Let us know what you got your witchy friend for Christmas. Remember, it is the thought that counts - and a little thought going into gifts go a lot farther than a huge expenditure of cash!

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