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Deep Beginning witchcraft: 5 spells to get you started

OK, so you’re getting a little impatient with me. You came here for beginning witchcraft information, and I'm giving you all the background info, but nothing to do. My 19-year-old baby witch self is strapping on her Nikes and grabbing her wand (a random branch with a quartz awkwardly wired on) while rolling her eyes at me and saying, “Just do it!”

You want to cast a spell, see if it works, and do it now.

OK. The chart below provides you with five elementally themed mini-spell templates. The intention can be anything you want. In direct contradiction to the Classic and current versions of Charmed, I recommend that you make your first spell all about personal gain.

Why? A first spell should be something you cast for yourself, and ideally on yourself, so you can learn what your personal energy feels like and what it’s like to experience the results of your magick. From that baseline, you can learn to recognize energy signatures and tweak what’s happening with yours!

We won’t call in spirits, cast circles, or build temples. This is just a single launch point.

Want to start working on your elemental mastery? Try each spell. Find out what is harder and what is easier for you.

The recommended categories of intention:

  • Protection (least flashy)

  • Prosperity (most measurable results)

  • Love and Relationship (Highest Risk results)

Behold the five elemental spell templates!




You'll need a quartz crystal. Can’t afford one? Any glass object, bottle of sand, or even a broken LCD screen will work.

All you need to do is hold the crystal (or another source of silica) in your hand, talk to it, breathe on it, or imagine it vibrating with the intention you infuse it with. Then, place it on a windowsill or carry it to bring about what you’re trying to make happen.


Breathing: Inhale the energy you need for your intention on the inhale, exhale the intention, and move it into the world. Keep going until you experience feedback that indicates there’s a shift.



Light a candle. Gaze at the candle for 7-8 minutes, talking to the flame and fuel about the change you’d like to implement. If talking feels weird, gazing into the flames and imagining it as strongly as possible works fine. Yes, it’s OK to set a timer, and yes, it’s OK to blow the candle out as long as you acknowledge the help of fire, air, flame, and the carbonization process.


Boil water. That’s it. You don’t even need to add anything. Simmer pots and potions are cool, but we’re doing super baseline. Pour water from your tap into a vessel. Focus all your intentions on the water. When you feel an inner shift, pour the water outside or allow it to evaporate.


Pray. If you practice a specific religion, pray to the deity connected. If you’re not, pray to the Spirit and the Universe, and just keep it going as you move through your day. Keep up the practice until your intention manifests.

Give these a try, and please share with us what results you get! Want to see how more people use these elemental spells? Share our post so folks can find out!

A young witch wearing Gilded Age red and black clothing
image from the Graphics fairy


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