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the Witches' table: valentine's menu

Reminder: Don’t miss our Valentine’s Day Love Magic Special! Tune onto Golden Apple on our Facebook our Instagram - we’ll have the special up until midnight PST, and after that it will be available in our digital vault! Tune in at 3:30 pm or catch the replays.

Happy Valentine’s, Apples of our Eye!

Welcome to the witches’ table, the occasion: Valentine’s Day!

While you may want to go the conventional route - have a paper mache' head on the table to represent the beheading of Saint Valentine and persuade some unsuspecting couple to elope in his honor - we’re leaning a little bit more towards “an excuse to indulge in something a bit hedonistic for no reason and requiring no company whatsoever if not desired.”

The key to enjoying Valentine’s Day is understanding that Hallmark appropriated it rather than invented it. The day did begin as a way to celebrate love (and has an unfortunate number of massacres, some more metaphorical than others, associated with it.) You could celebrate Lupercalia, and go for a goat feast, but if you got too traditional, no one you know would likely ever enjoy a thong again.

Instead, let’s enjoy a low-pressure celebration of love in any and ALL of its forms.

The Menu

Contrary to the popular standard, a lighter meal is optimal for romantic or interactive activities.

- Prosciutto wrapped in cantaloupe - the sweet-salty combination is delightful

- Baked chicken - make sure you layer it with some garlic and rosemary

- Vegetarian? Try some shitake steaks - they’re delightful.

- A raspberry and yogurt parfait layering in honey and fruit. I prefer plain Greek yogurt, but vanilla is also good.

Dinner activities - well, that’s up to you. Lighting some candles and getting out the massage oils are one route. If you are instead doing a Galentine’s day or something similar, then taking a turn going around the table and having each person say something they admire in each person present is a way of helping build people up and giving that little boost self -love.

If you’re solo and good with it, take Valentine’s Day as a day to set the stage for manifestation. Give yourself an indulgent bath or shower, enjoy the best chocolate you can get, and make your manifestation wish list for the coming year.

And yes, if you want, go ahead and buy a card. After all, card companies give artists jobs.

Happy Valentine's Day - we hope that your day is filled with love and affection in whatever way that has a healthy expression for you.


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