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our valentine's video Special Is happening february 14th!

Our Valentine’s Day video special, a collaboration with Elements in Kalamazoo, is coming, and I am excited! I hope you enjoy it! Whether you are single and NOT looking, single and looking, coupled up in whatever way works for you, you have a fabulous day and shall also revel in the joys of discount chocolate eve.

Yes, the show is LGBTQ+ inclusive!

Our Valentine’s special will feature some neat items and how to use them in

spell casting. In case you want to get your hands on them ahead of time, here they are:

Bless your body in the fragrance of self-love and self-respect with Nikki’s Amor Sui. Every time you kindle it, you kindle a bit of passion and joy for your soul and your own experience of being.

Secret Love oil (to be listed)

Brewed from a mix of apple, cinnamon, honey, holy basil, and rose petals, charged with sensual intentions, the oil has a barely-there scent that helps you keep a subtle allure to only send the right signals in the desired direction.

We will talk up many herbs and arts of the Craft on the special; Diana is pulling from many types of love and “spice it up” spells she has developed over the years - especially from her notes on aphrodisiacs!

Want to catch the special FREE? Tune in to the Golden Apple Live on Facebook at 3:30 on Tuesday, February 14th, to interact and ask questions. The show runs for one hour. After that, we’ll leave it up until midnight. After that, the show goes offline and will be available in our new classes section- so you can purchase the video for your notes and grimoires!

Stay magickal, everyone!

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