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Have you missed us? We've missed you!

2021 took off running for both Nikki and me. In addition to recovering from COVID - which takes far longer than any person wants to experience - my partner and I have opened offices in Kalamazoo for our metaphysical consultancy, along with a fulfillment center for the products that we create for Golden Apple.

As if that weren't enough excitement, I also recently taught Invisibility for Immigrants and Activists at Witchcon and have Urban Magick and Am I Cursed or Is It Just Gas running as part of Paganicon's month-long event. Nikki and our Emperor Norton member Oneyda joined us for Making a Magickal Menagerie - all about our all-paths group and how to keep it peaceable and nourishing to all (and I only had to edit out one sex joke, which was mine.)

In between all of this busy, the book I worked on in 2019 and 2020 - Hex Twisting: Counter Magick Spells for the Irritated Witch is now available for pre-order. While we will be carrying copies through Golden Apple, we encourage those able to pre-order copies because this often prompts additional booksellers and distributors to pick up the book. Already referred to as "Magical JuJitsu" by the host of Desperate HouseWitches Rainna Star, this book shows you dozens of ways to shut down the bastards trying to get you down - ineffective, heavily tested, and sometimes hilarious ways.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the shop lately, now is your time - Nikki, Synty, myself, and our growing team of artisans have a lot of good stuff in the works. Stop in, say hi - and let us know what you'd like to hear about from us!

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