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We're Almost there!

Been working on this site fro what feels like FOREVER! Slowly, but surely, we're almost there! So many obstacles to manage but I'm in the endgame.... This project has been the poster child for Murphy's Law. Between working against other people's schedules, to my own un-productivity, I'm not sure how I even got this far. I'm glad I did though. It's not as fleshed out as I would have liked and there's definitely some editing still to be done.......overall, I am pretty damn happy with the result. So what's next? If all goes well, I'll have this published, then Diana and I can work on Education Videos and Workshops. I'm currently working on an outline of workshops for Pagan parents. Diana has some awesome workshop ideas, as well as another book brewing in the cauldron. You may see some Golden Apple podcasts in the future too. I'm also working toward an Herbalism certificate, with more courses lined up toward possibly a degree? who knows? BUT. Great things are in the works for GOLDEN APPLE..... STAY TUNED!!!! xoxo, Nikki

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