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Garden Witchery.....

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Green thumbs unite! One of the fun things about starting a shop is the cool things you learn along the way. I've always been a fan of plants and gardens, but never focused on anything more than flowers. That changed when I started creating my own products. I still absolutely frequent amazing places like SF Herb Company, but now I can also just go out to my little garden and grab something I have on hand at home.

It's not much of a garden right now... I live in an apartment so I don't have a ton of room for a garden. BUT I do have a few pots that have taken over the table on my deck. Yes, it's still mostly flowers, I'm still learning how to properly care for the herbs. Basil, for instance, likes to be warm. So out on my chilly deck is not an option. Fortunately, we've had a heat wave in the last week and that definitely helped my little plants.

My Strawberry plants are coming in Nicely!!!!

Strawberries are relatively easy to grow, but even still, I almost killed to two plants I have! We course corrected though, so they are good for now. All in all, I'm learning quite a bit, and will soon be ready for the challenge of more plants... to be continued..... xoxo, Nikki

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