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Mabon Traditions, Anyone?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Autumn is my favorite Season of the year. Sweater weather, falling leaves, apple picking..... I love it all. And yes, Pumpkin Spice is in there too (even I can be a basic witch lol). It's also the time of year for my favorite sabbats as well, starting with Mabon. The harvest ritual speaks to the very foundation of my soul. For me it is a time for family and friends, for our community to come together, to share laughter and love. It is also when we see the results of hard work. Whether it be planting season, community building or personal growth, Autumn is a time to celebrate our achievements.

When I think about the Fall season, I almost always think of food. So, for Mabon, I usually host a gathering of some sort, a kind of open house for friends and family to come together. And yes, there is some traditional (Thanksgiving) fare, plus some other goodies. I know thanksgiving isn't pc, but those gatherings were very important to me as a child, and I choose to focus on the togetherness aspect of it, rather than the bloodshed and appropriation. As an adult, with my own family, we have many traditions to celebrate the season. Apple picking, festivals, Setting up the ancestor altar closer to Samhain, these are the memories i want for my children when I am gone. This year, I am also starting some new traditions. My youngest daughter is more interested in the craft every day, so I decided to bring more CRAFT into our witchcraft. This year, I will show the kids how to make the corn dolls and a grape wreath for the Equinox. They may learn a little candle magick as well. I plan to introduce them to more harvest deities, as we create a special harvest altar. And for the adults, I'm trying my hand at mead-making this year! I'll let you know how it all turns out!

What are your traditions for Mabon?

Harvest Witch Blessing

This intriguing season brings joy and abundance true,

Remember all the magick that I have shown you.

Look to the earth during the fall of red and gold,

Open your heart and rediscover this magick of old.

May the simple enchantment of these bright autumn days,

Bring you love and laughter in many bewitching ways.

(from Autumn Equinox: The Enchantment of Mabon by Ellen Dugan. Llewellyn Publications 2005)

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