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Launch Date Set!!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

........It's finally here. We've set a launch date and are ready to go! All the hard work is finally coming to fruition. It's surreal that this is finally happening. Of course this means I'm now going over the site constantly, to see if there's anything I want/need to change. I think my eyeballs are going to fall out haha. Add in trying to move as well, and it shows that I'm not a stranger to burning the candle at both ends!!

All in all, I'm pretty excited...and worried....... What if we don't have enough variety? What if we don't have enough stock? What if we just don't appeal to the market???? So many variables! Then the logical side of my head jumps in and says " whoa, girl, slow down..... You CREATE all of these products, you can always make more. As you create more styles, you'll increase your variety. As you get more vendors, feature more artists, you'll have more variety. And if it doesn't appeal to the masses, we know we aren't everyone's cup of chai. We'll appeal to the right people in the right time. It's going to be alright." Then my brain calms down-for a little while anyway. Once we launch, I know I'll be fine. It's like the anxiety I get before performing. I freak out for a bit, but when the moment happens, I'm on it. we go.......'s down to the wire.......

READY...... SET........ Did I forget anything? Probably not. Will I double check it twenty more times before Saturday? YES. ( .....breathe.....) (you can do this) WHAT IF I'M NOT READY TO RUN A BUSINESS?! (yes, you can.......breathe....)


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