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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Hey all! The site is finally up and running... and now my focus is adding more inventory... I'm working on new product designs, but we have also decided to feature designs by other brands as well. I'm pretty stoked about what I've seen. Diana is focusing on adding more authors to our library, and I'm looking at products from different artists and practitioners. The talent I have been seeing is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I'd be proud to feature any of these brands on the site. Now is just the matter of signing them on. So far, the people I have approached have been interested, and I hope to be able to bring more life and variety to Golden Apple.....

As I create new products, it's sometimes challenging thinking of things that I can be passionate about, as well as fit the vibe of the shop...... I'm currently working on a line of incense and bath salts, starting with specific items for the sabbats, then branching out. It can be difficult, but definitely fun to be in touch with my creative side. So far, I've got some Mabon items designed..(now I'm in the waiting for products stage). Keep posted to the Magickal Body page for updates! I've also got a few Bath Salt designs for our new collection and I'm excited to get feedback from customers. That being said, We're also still looking for product testers! If you'd like to be a tester, please message me here:

I am a HUGE fan of feedback. I like to know what works and what can be improved! Though I've been a practicing witch for quite awhile, as a solitary, I only had to worry about my tastes. Branching out for customers has been an enlightening experience. I think it's making me better at my craft and that is an incredible feeling on top of the joy I get from helping our community. I guess that's all from me for now.... I think my blogs are still woefully short, but like so many other things these days, it's a working in progress.

Take care of yourselves!!!!! xoxox, NIkki

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