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Apocalypse me now?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

This morning we woke up to a sky from some kind of sci-fi movie. The sky is dark orange.. Logically, I know there is a scientific explanation. But to see this sky at 10 am.... scary.... As it gets darker out, you can smell the fires. California is burning. Again. However, unlike our normal grey haze, we have burnt pumpkin, like someone has taken a brush and given us a true fall color. There is an odd beauty to this, though it is completely surreal. It does, however, make me think. Could this be our future?

If we don't make good choices for climate change, will this dystopian landscape be where we end up? The fires grow worse every year. And the ill advised choices of humans grown in equal, if not greater proportions. One of the fires this year was started by pyrotechnics at a gender reveal party. Honestly, where does it stop. To be fair, I like gender reveal parties. I understand the excitement around wanting to know, even if it changes as your child becomes more aware of their own identity. (Personally, I would celebrate that with my child as well, if they wanted to!) But much like birthday parties, it has stopped being merely about the joy of the moment, and become an exercise in how we can be bigger and better than the Jones. This last one caused a fire that has burned over TEN THOUSAND acres, and forced over TWENTY THOUSAND people to evacuate.

When will enough be enough? When will our society stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about the impact we have on our planet? The impact we are making on the legacy we are leaving for those children we are celebrating? The guardians of this world are tired, and quite frankly sick of trying to clean up the mess. It's time for us to step up and get our collective shit together. We can't wait for Washington DC, or California, or San Francisco to do it for us. And we can't leave it for our children either. WE HAVE TO STEP FORWARD NOW. Ask yourself what YOU are doing to combat climate change. We won't get another chance at this. Make changes that will have a deeper impact on the world......

That's my soapbox for today..... Take care of yourselves. xoxo, Nikki

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