● Divine Love - l 1st Chakra, a citrus blend with orange, soft floral finish
● Breakthrough - 2nd Chakra, a softl floral with sandalwood, woodsy citrus blend
● Divine Armor - 3rd Chakra, a strong citrus base , lemongrass, and green notes blend   *real colloidal silver included*
● New beginning - 4th Chakra, a clean green blend w/ Sage & lemongrass citrus & spice blend
● Communication - 5th Chakra, a spicy sweet scent, with Ginger
● Simply Successful - 6th Chakra, a gentle scent, Bayberry, Lemon w/soft floral
● Calm Thought - 7th Chakra, an earthy sweetness, with Violets

● Good Karma- All Chakras, a sweet woodsy blend with pomegranate fruity undertone

● Sage with Love - All Chakras, a green note of sage w/ soft floral


All Heart to Heart products are original hand blended with organic essential oils in a jojoba base for each Chakra,  charged and blessed.  Inspired by angels, created by Christine Rossi to help balance your Chakras, gently through Aromatherapy.  
May be used as a body mist, or as a room/office/car mist for changing the energy including bedding too for a calm sleep,or meditation. Handmade for each order personally. " It is my passion to assist others to move forward in their life." All products are made and personally tested by the artist.


Note: Always test all products for allergies. Place a small amount inside your elbow area and wait 24 hours. If no rash or reaction occurs, then you can be sure that the product is safe for you. No refunds.

Heart to Heart Aromatherapy Mists

  • Christine Rossi, owner of Heart to Heart:

    I learned to listen and trust my guides and the quiet voice within.

    I have always felt that there was so much more to life. This led me to a spiritual search for answers, through personal experiences and varied continued studies.

    They have informed, inspired and created who I am today: A woman with over 25 years of working experience, towards a deeper knowledge of authentic self. Psychic Readings, Clearings, Blessings, Aromatherapy Mists, Gemstone Jewelry, I love creating Art of any kind and blending organic essential oils .I enjoy beauty in all forms, nature inspires me.I have always enjoyed being creative, and helping others.

    This is my soul expression, my light in the world.I am passionate about helping others along their Journey. “ To assist others to move forward in their life.”



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